Gaylen Valjean

Sword for Hire



Fighter Lvl. 3 (favored)


STR: 18

DEX: 17

CON: 18

INT: 11

WIS: 16

CHA: 16





Saving Throws


REF: 4


ATK (Melee): 7

ATK (Missle): 6

CMB: 7

CMD: 23

Class Abilities

Bravery +1

Armor Training +1


Improved Initiative

Quick Draw

Power Attack



Arms & Armor

Masterwork Greatsword +1

Heavy Crossbow

Masterwork Half-Plate +1


Blessed Amulet (2x charges Bless, Protection from Evil)

Devil Bane Dagger

Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds


Gaylen Valjean was born in the young nation of Brevoy to an upper middle class family with a proud tradition of ranchers and horse breeders. His childhood was a happy one, with a father who taught his son animal handling and took him often on brownbie drives and an affluent mother who provided him with a fine education.

His family was never highly religious. Gaylen’s parents had conceived him out of wedlock and eloped shortly after. His father however, did not lack a strong moral compass, as he lived his life by a stern personal code: Love your family, give honor and respect where it’s due and never back away from those who try to taint the first two with their shit. His mother would sometimes give prayers to Erastil and Sarenae for a bountiful harvest and gentle weather.

In time Gaylen grew into a fine young buck, with a powerful build inherited from his father and his mother’s gentler personality and sea gray eyes. On the day of his 16th year at his birth dinner, Gaylen announced his intentions to leave home and make a way for himself in the world and that he would return home when he felt he could continue on in his family’s footsteps with a real sense of pride. Gaylen decided that the best step he could take in this goal would be military service, as he had never possessed the knack for numbers or scholarship and he believed his natural physical ability would allow him a place in any army. Seeing as Mendev was always in need of crusaders to fight its war against the World Wound, Gaylen felt this to be the best of his options, after all Churches were always wealthy and their cause seemed fair. The next week, Gaylen set off, his whole life mapped out: A quick two years service followed by discharge and money to start his own outfit, before he knew it his family would be owners of two of the finest ranch operations Brevoy had ever seen!

However, a 16 year old boy’s ambitions mean little when faced with stark reality.

Gaylen passed his basic training with relative ease and his prodigious strength made the greatsword a natural weapon choice. In two month’s time the boy was sent out for his first tour of duty, full of piss and wind and ready to crack some skulls. Of his entire 200 man unit, Gaylen was one of the 20 that came back. He has never forgotten the screams of his friends as otherworldly horrors from the blackest pit of Hell rent them limb from limb.

Gaylen soon realized that life was neither as easy or good as he had previously believed. For every man that died someone was needed to take his place and Gaylen would not see his family’s code of honor sullied by his cowardice. For seven long years Gaylen would serve in the Crusader Army, until at last, he knew he could give no more. He never felt so ashamed as when he came to the discharge office.

Gaylen would never be able to go home proud again.

Deciding to further make use of his military service, Gaylen made his way south, hiring out to any groups that needed the muscle and living from town to town. He has carried his father’s code with him everywhere he treads and refused to serve those who wished to use their strength to oppress others. This landed him in a bad way more than once; he has the broken nose and bumps to prove it. His last outfit was with a band based out of Nidal, Gaylen being strapped for cash signed on. He has never regretted anything more.

The group had been hired by local law enforcement to clear out a group of bandits living in a nearby forest who were accused of threatening the peace and plaguing the populace. In reality the so-called ‘bandits’ were nothing more than dispossessed farmers and merchants, hunting and gathering from the forest and taking whatever other sustenance fell off of mercantile caravans on the main road.

Gaylen’s team staked out the area around the forest and tracked their movements. Gaylen expressed his discomfort with the job and voiced his complaints to his boss. And was summarily ignored. The mercs moved in, ready to butcher the pitiful residents down to the last. Gaylen had finally had enough.

This dog wouldn’t hunt.

The evening before the strike, Valjean went through to the forest camp and warned the farmers of the trap about to be sprung. Unfortunately, he’d been tailed. Before the snitch could escape, Gaylen had impaled him to an oak with his sword and broken his neck.

Knowing that retribution would be coming in due course, Gaylen fled through the forest to Cheliax, hoping to find a new line of work and praying that his forest marks had escaped the cruel justice of Nidal.

Gaylen stands at a height of 5’11", with a heavily muscled frame. He has the advantage of being deceptively quick for someone of his size and his military training has made him into an excellent warrior. He has his father’s sharp facial features and hawk-like nose and his mother’s gray eyes and dark hair which has combined into a fairly attractive complexion. Indeed, whenever he was on leave, Gaylen was never lonely for female company. His time in the Crusades showed him much of the horror of war and of the forces that threaten man-kind from beyond the veil of the world. However, Gaylen also gained respect for the goddess Iomedae, whom he venerates as the physical embodiment of his father’s honor code of justice and personal integrity.

His time as a mercenary has also hardened a once gentle and happy spirit, but he doesn’t lack compassion. Gaylen will go out of his way to help those he sees as being in need, but prefers to avoid town life and its often oppressive social structure for the freedom of open travel.

His initial arrival into the nation of Cheliax was standard. Most people seemed content to go about their business and Gaylen soon made his way to a local tavern. There, he and four others were accosted by the Hell Knights- the military police of Cheliax. A brawl soon followed and Gaylen was saved only through the timely intervention of a halfling and his human associate. It turned out that the two were members of an underground resistance movement hoping to overthrow the Devil empowered royal family and establish a more benevolent government in its place. Seeing this as the perfect way to start over, Gaylen joined in.

He and his allies were soon established as owner’s of a trading company who would also run odd jobs for the right price as a front for their freedom fighter activities. Their first mission led them on a sea voyage to attain rare and valuable animals for the wealthy owner of a zoo. During this time the core members of the group established themselves: Olaf, a wandering ranger with a deep abiding hatred of goblins. Haliel, a monk and master martial artist on the run from his order. Corvihn, a witch and bastard son from the Chelaxian aristocracy and Wokone, a half orc rogue. Together they braved a fearsome ordeal stranded on a remote island, freeing the local inhabitants from the thrall of the undead and gaining their friendship and respect. Further exploration of the island yielded the unthinkable: a sorceror and his lackeys had been using a powerful mind controlling artifact to manipulate a massive sea serpent into destroying ships for them to scavenge. Defeating the sorceror and his minions, Gaylen himself shattered the crown with a blow from his sword, freeing the serpent and gaining the crew an escape vessel. Returning to Westcrown with their cargo the group was subsequently rewarded and taxed, but for the most part they came through for the better.

Gaylen Valjean

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