Celestial Warlock


Warlock with the Celestial bloodline

Str: 11 , Dex: 19 , Con: 12 , Int: 17 , Wis: 14 , Cha: 19

Ranks in Skills: Craft: Alchemy, Diplomacy, Heal, Know: Arcana, Know: Planes, Know:_ Religion_, Linguistics[CC], Profession: Book Keeper, Sence Motive

Feat(s): Point Blank Shot

Blast Shap/Blast Essence known: Eldrich Spear

Invocations known: Sacrifiacial Healing (d8 +1/lvl , make DC15 fort save or temp lose 1 Con point for one hour)

Cantrips: Prestidigitation p.325 , Purify Food & Water p.328 , Create Water

Weapons/Attacks: Eldritch Blast: 1d6 (E.B. at point blank: 1d6+1), Ikwla [small] (short spear)d4

Special Items: Mwk chain shirt, healer’s kit

$$ G:15 , S:10 , C:10


Quiet and unassuming this early middle-aged halfling is tall for his race standing at 3’6” tall. He’s usually bundled up in his fine but unadorned pristine white robe (worn over a fine chain shirt). He’s got a long mane of silver hair, usually kept in a top-knot to make him appear a little taller. His bright and large sapphire eyes seem to pull you in with an almost ethereal glow – your not entirely sure whether they really do glow or not.

In his left hand he carries a long bladed short spear called an iklwa used more for a walking stick than a weapon from the way he leans on it. His only adornment is a small circular charm worn about the neck which depicts a rose growing from bloody cobblestones (those in the know of religious beliefs will recognize it as the symbol for the god Milani). He carries his meager possessions in a small duffle slung under his arm which hangs to his waist for easy access and a belt pouch.


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